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Mamie has been my guide to healing over the past 10 months. On the emotional front, Mamie managed me through my depression. On the physical front, she nursed me through my back surgery and anemia. She guided me through changes to my menstrual cycle and brought resolution to 35 years of insomnia which has haunted me since as far as I can remember - when I was a child of 5 - and which for many years I was treating with pharmaceuticals. I am no longer on sleep meds or pain killers now. Thank you for what you've done for me in less than a year. My health is more complete under your care.

~ A.A.T. 

Mamie is one of those rare gems who not only is highly talented in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, but complements that with extensive knowledge of how food based supplements, homeopathy, essential oils and diet can improve your health. She knows intuitively how to read the body and prioritize your needs. I have been a patient of hers for a long time and her treatments consistently improve my health. I can always count on her to either have a thorough and insightful answer to my questions or take the time to research the best approach. She is truly dedicated to her practice and you see this in how she takes time with each patient, answers questions via email and is constantly reading new research. I honesty do not know what I would do without her care. I have an auto-immune condition and she has taught me so much about how I can take care of myself. I feel worlds better now and she is an integral part of my healing!
~ Susan C.

Mamie is an exceptional acupuncturist. Her ability to diagnose with clarity and accuracy is profound; she was able to create a comprehensive picture of my very complex health problems within the first 20 minutes of my visit. The treatments created immediate relief and change. Furthermore, since she blends body talk work with acupuncture, her methods felt more attuned to my unique system than my previous sessions with traditional acupuncturists. I recommend her highly. ~Natasha K.

I started seeing Mamie while I was going through a divorce.  My digestion and overall health had taken a bad turn that other alternative modalities, both Ayurveda and Acupuncture were not seeming to help with.   I was immediately aware that I was not seeing a "just another" acupuncturist.  Mamie's rather uncanny capability with pulse diagnosis allows her to run continuous feedback loops during treatments--  poking with needles, seeing how the body responds, repeat, repeat.  As a result, multiple blockages clear in a single treatment.   Possibly more important than specific treatments, my biggest health improvements came from Mamie gently prodding me to realize how I was harming myself in my daily life, mostly with seemingly healthy food choices.  Constant tinkering with cleanses, supplements and restrictions brought about night-and-day type changes.   It takes a while to get into the roots of problems, but working with Mamie consistently over a couple of months brought me to a much healthier and more integrated place. ~ A.H.

Mamie is living her calling by being a healer.  It is not just the technical act of being an acupuncturist.  Mamie has a 6th sense to be in communication with my body, mind and soul for a true whole healing approach.  One example of this is my upper back pain, she pinpointed the exact personal fear I carried in this spot enabling me to release it.  Because of her whole healing approach I am able to sleep better, loose weight, be pain free and have a lot more energy to get the things I need to get done.    Needling, cupping, body talk, basic food remedies, moxibustion and a lot more talents is what Mamie literally brings to the table. ~ Nasim H.

Mamie has incredible energy and while I have not always been a proponent of alternative medicine in the past I fully recommend her services. I had a fairly significant spinal cord injury a number of years ago and acupuncture has both helped with the physical affects of that event as well as with the mental affects of it. I lived in the Bay Area for a few years and had a somewhat regular schedule of appointments. Now that I telecommute to the bay I make sure to schedule appointments when I'm in the area. ~ Josh P.

Mamie did a wonderful job helping to restore my health, when I was so weak and depressed after bad pneumonia, that I almost didn't want to live - so hard it was to do everyday routines when I felt tired even after brushing my teeth. After the first 2 weeks of therapy I started to feel myself alive first in the last half year. I started to get back my strength and my energy. In 2 more months I was fully back to normal. It was like a miracleNow I visit Mamie every two weeks to maintain my overall health, and I've never felt so healthy as I do now. Thank you Mamie for all your help! ~ Mariya M.

Very powerful, informative and insightful. Helped immensely when I was in deep need. Supplements have me optimistic that I may regain a sense of well being. So very grateful! ~ Jade C.

I had the pleasure of doing several sessions with LAC Mamie Ju Raynaud. During our sessions, Ms.Raynaud was attentive, skilled and very empathetic. She had a number of good recommendations for me, and I found her acupuncture quite effective. I would highly recommend her. ~ John. S.

The first time I met Mamie, I knew I had found a unique healer. She combines her ability to read your body, nutritional expertise, gentle needle skills, and intelligence to give you a whole body treatment. At each appointment, I learned more about the unique qualities of my own body and how to take better care of myself. Mamie is a wonderful educator and believes in educating and empowering her clients so they will understand how best to take care of themselves. ~ P. Caddes

Kwan Yin Courtesy of Caroline Young.

Kwan Yin Courtesy of Caroline Young.

Mamie has a gift for unraveling physical mysteries and determining how best to address them. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an acupuncturist (and I’ve worked with many!) who possessed the sheer depth of her knowledge—especially when it comes to female issues, hormone balance and detoxification. More impressive is her stellar intuition and tracking abilities. She operates on many levels at once—treating both the body and the spirit. I always left her sessions feeling soothed and replenished, during a time when I was frazzled and utterly overwhelmed. Mamie always provided me with a deeper understanding of my issues and clear next steps to take, including excellent supplement and herbal recommendations. In her, I found an advocate who was committed to finding solutions for my complex issues. Her treatments got me through a difficult time. ~ N.A.

Mamie is nothing short of amazing. Along with my chiropractor, they are part of my dream team when I'm not feeling well. I started seeing Mamie about 2 years ago, and she singlehandedly all but cured my insomnia. I immediately felt better after the first session (once I got over my fear of acupuncture needles, which she helped put me at ease about - I had heard so many good things about it but the needles always kept me away.) I slept like a baby that first night, something I hadn't been able to do for years. I had suffered from insomnia and other complications of Graves' Disease (hyperthyroidism) for 5+ years, and was just weening off Effexor, an EVIL, EVIL drug (you can google horror stories on how difficult it is to wean off of). I honestly don't think I would have been able to wean off it successfully without Mamie. I've tried a few other acupuncturists when I was unable to see Mamie, and they were all painful. Mamie is as painless of a needler as you can get. Plus she is really in tune with the body, which none of the other practitioners seemed to be. Mamie also practices TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is a powerhouse of knowledge on nutrition so she also helps fine tune my diet. I highly, highly recommend seeing her if you have health issues and want to feel better, or just need a tune up. ~ Pamela M.

I worked with Mamie over a relatively short time (a number of months), both as her acupuncture patient and as a qi gong student. I would see her regularly during this time and I am very thankful that she has been in my life. I continue to practice the qi gong that she taught me and I have begun incorporating acupuncture into my spiritual understanding of things, due to her work.I found her knowledge impressive and her skill with acupuncture to be powerful.  She shared with me at the beginning of our time together that she aims to 'facilitate' healing as opposed to 'making it happen.' Between this goal and her stated understanding that each individual relationship with a patient is something unique, I felt her comfortable enough to choose to be vulnerable on her table in a time of struggle for me. If you are looking for some support and are interested in seeing what Mamie and/or acupuncture can bring to your life, I think it's absolutely worth exploring a session or two to see how things feel and if she can help things flow in a way for you that she has for me. ~ S.S.

Finding Mamie as my acupuncturists has definitely been something heaven sent! Mamie is an excellent acupuncturist as well as an outstanding holistic healing practitioner. Her demeanor is open, calm, and friendly, along with a funny sense of humor. She additionally has an energetic neutrality, which for me, is a true gift, allowing her to be openly connected to the spirit of healing with compassion and empathy! I've received treatments for my lower back, neck, bowels and hips. What stands out to me is her ability to read my bodies "goings on," both physically and energetically, by using her own vast training and energetic awareness. Mamie's approach is; let's see what comes to the forefront, what am I showing her today, in present time. She then deftly reads the energy meridians and finds what is actually causing the imbalance or imbalances. After finding them she is focused on calming the energy down and having a good, healthy starting point from there. She will also make me aware of what needs to be done to keep this from reoccurring, along with prescribing herbs that gently heal. Mamie openly shares what she is doing during the treatments, as well as what she sees as a next step. Being that she is a self proclaimed, "student of healing," she is continually open to learning from all types of information, which she highly recommended to me. In addition to the open sharing I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Medical Qigong. Mamie offered a, in the park, six week training class on Medical Qigong. The Qigong practice was wonderful for me, the movements are very freeing, a practice that will continue for a life time! With Mamie's treatments and Qigong, they have allowed me to learn more about myself from a whole new direction, to be more balanced and to be more present in my body and energetic space! To me that spells Awesome!  C M.W.

Mamie helped me through a time of transition when I moved geographically and got off hormonal birth control. When I first started seeing Mamie I had just started a new form of hormonal birth control but checking in with her every few weeks about how my body was feeling helped me realize I didn't want to be on it anymore and I wanted to just see how my natural state would be without any birth control for the first time in a few years. Also I am becoming more aware of my digestion and energy levels from checking in with Mamie every few weeks for about four months. Last week I went for a difficult 4-day hiking trip and my digestion was great and I felt so healthy and it felt like a great cap on my transitional time with Mamie's coaching. I wish she wasn't leaving California but I'm grateful I got to have her help during this time and I feel good about the ongoing improvements in my health. Thank you ~ Sarah B.

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