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Using thin, disposable, sterile needles, acupuncture taps into our body’s energetic pathways called meridians.  Practiced for thousands of years in China and now around the world, acupuncture is a safe, alternative way to treat chronic and acute conditions. 

Herbal Medicine

Sometimes diet and lifestyle changes are not enough.  We may prescribe nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to help our patients with additional healing support. We rely on natural, non-synthetic remedies which may include materials derived from plants, minerals, and selective animal sources.


What could be more enlightening than listening to the innate wisdom of our body-mind? Rooted in Chinese medicine and bioenergetic psychology, BodyTalk helps gain insight using subtle muscle testing to uncover treatment priorities.   Please inquire about BodyTalk-specific  sessions and availability.


These are meditative and purposeful movements that trace the body’s energy meridians. Qigong helps reduce body stress by using breath work. Practiced regularly as part of a healthy exercise program, Qigong can augment acupuncture treatments.  We teach and encourage patients to cultivate a daily Qigong regimen. Please inquire about private and seasonal group qigong classes.  


The Japanese words Reiki translates into “higher power and life force energy.” Following the techniques and philosophies of lineage holder and Founder Mikao Usui, Reiki is another healing modality used to support our whole body’s journey to wellness.